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Integrating with your legacy systems is very popular programming routine; this scenario may deploy such tools as GP Integration Manager, SQL stored procedures, eConnect applications (written in C#, or VB and deployed via Microsoft Visual Studio). As IM currently relies on such new technologies as eConnect, we recommend you to allow remote integration programmers to install integration tools and test integration via remote desktop connection technologies

4. EDI or Electronic Document Interchange. There are a lot of articles written on EDI technical aspects, however if you think through them - they are about either exporting in fixed field text format EDI documents or import fixed field text file as Edi source to GP SOP, RM or POP modules. Both routines could be programmed in SQL stored procedure - some challenge here is to find SQL developer, who is familiar with EDI technologies and formats

5. GP reporting remote support. SRS development and reports design is typically done through MS Visual Studio snap in and considering this we recommend you to allow report designer to have VPN connection or RDC to your server. If you have historical Crystal Reports or prefer reports to be implemented in Crystal Reports, then install Crystal Reports Designer on your server, accessible for CR designer.

The iPad has taken the world by storm, which in some respects is quite amazing considering it is currently only available in the USA. Due to be rolled out to the UK soon, it is expected to be one of the must have items of 2010. Apple has identified the iPad as a successor to the standard laptop, and considering the number of sales it has achieved already, it appears their idea may have validity.

The unit will be available as both a Wi-Fi and 3G model, with the option of a variety of memory capacities including 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB models. One of the key facets of the unit is its use of a 1 GHz Apple A4 CPU which has been custom designed for the unit. Another key element of this particularly unit, much like the iPhone, is its ability to add numerous additional applications, which allows the user to personalise the unit to their own individual circumstances and preferences.

The unit has a widescreen multi-touch display screen which is 9.7 inches in size and offers an LED backlit function. To ensure longevity of the screen itself it provides an oleophobic coating which makes the screen fingerprint resistant. The display screen comes with a 1024 x 768 pixels at 132 pixels per inch resolution which provides excellent depth of colour and vibrancy of image. In addition the unit includes both an accelerometer as well as an ambient light sensor.

The units battery is an integrated 25 W hour rechargeable polymer based battery that provides up to 10 hours of effective use whilst being able to be recharged by either the power adapter or an included USB cable. As you would expect from Apple, the unit utilises its own proprietary operating system but also has the added benefit of being able to be synchronised with both Mac or Windows based systems. The complete unit will include a dock connector in addition to a 10 W USB Power adapter when purchased.

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